Tranny Camilly Zanini and the Fucking Fist of Fury!

From Raw Tranny Fisting

Starring Camilly Zanini, Capoeira

Tags Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Facial Cumshots, Fisting, Guys on Trannys

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Added June 27 2011

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Camilly Zanini looks like a shemale barbie doll with her radiant blond hair with even little pink flowers adorning her ear. Clad in tempting lingerie, complete with a scandalous hot pink miniskirt, it's no wonder Capoeira is attacking her like a bitch in heat! He immediately bends her over to get a gander at her ass crack. She lets out an unexpected yelp as he curls a finger inside her juicy balloon knot. After she's passed her tight asshole inspection, Camilly goes right to the furious cock-sucking on Capoeira's brown wanger. See him loosen up that keyhole of a butt with some powerhouse fucking in doggy. After he's demolished it, see him fist fuck our screaming tranny to no end!

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