Yago Cums All Over Teen Tranny Jaqueline Garcia

From Raw Tranny Fisting

Starring Jaqueline Garcia, Yago Ribeiro

Tags Anal Licking, Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Cum on Ass, Fisting, Guys on Trannys

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Added January 09 2012

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Jaqueline Garcia is a gorgeous, very sexually charged tranny who simply cannot resist giving up everything that she has to offer when she has the chance. She wants to get her sweet ass fisted, but she needs to find the right person to do that with. Yago Ribeiro is in the mood for just such a thing, so this tranny is rather happy. She is taking a pounding right in that sweet ass of hers, making sure that she is going to be thoroughly taken care of by the time he's done with her. After he's gotten his fill of her booty, he switches to the fisting.

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